Angel City Games 2017

Angel City Games 2017

We recently volunteered to coach an archery clinic at the UCLA campus in Westwood, CA for Angel City Sports.  Aces & Arrows Archery would not exist if AJ had not devised a way to get me to shoot as good, if not better, than an able-bodied person.  I know what it feels like for dreams to be out of reach because of physical limitations and that sometimes you need people on your side that can solve problems you cannot.  It was a great honor to be able to give back to those with similar limitations and see them do something they thought was out of reach.  Here are some photos of the amazing kids we met and worked with.



Ryan Sidor and Thomas Castro Setting up our one armed electric release.


Group photo of all the adults and kids that came out to coach or try archery for the first time!

Kara Barwick with Joshua Koh, trying archery for first time!


AJ Hanagata showing Chandan James how our one arm release works.

Chandan James hitting those bullseyes!


The one arm predator release in action!!

This weekend I had an opportunity to participate in Angel City Sports 2017 at UCLA Drake stadium. They had adaptive clinics for archery, discus, swimming and a lot of para-olympic sports, coached by US para-olympic athletes. It was really great experience and definitely was motivated by other attending athletes.Check out the video. Thanks to Aces & Arrows Archery, Inc., for letting me try their prototype during the clinic. Thanks AJ Hanagata, Ryan Sidor, TJ for designing the prototype. It made archery real easy for me, and really felt good when I shot that arrow on “target-ish”.

Chandan James发布于 2017年6月25日



We were honored to work with the head coach of the event, Paralympic Gold Medalist Jeff Fabry.



It was amazing seeing the turn out from adaptive individuals coming out to learn archery and those who came to compete in the first ever Angel City Sports archery competition!  If you or anyone you know has a physical limitation and would like to try archery, please contact us and we will find a way for you to shoot.  We will not settle for solutions that are good enough, as we believe that we can get everyone shooting for greatness!

Please visit Angel City Sports if you are interested in their adaptive programs and events and help spread awareness to help the growth of all adaptive sports!


Accomoda et Supera,
(Adapt and Overcome)

-Ryan Sidor

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